Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Child and Stag - New Year's Eve clean up find

Last post for 2013 and thought I would put this up: something I found this evening while cleaning up - a drawing done more years back than I want to think, but something I plan to pursue in the New Year.  It was done way back in  '88 or '89 when I was walking in a wood outside of Heidelberg Germany. 

There was a fenced area with deer. Inside was a beautiful stag. On the other side of the fence a small child dressed up for some occasion looking in.  Both seemed to be aloof and yet both held by some bond.   Coming across this sketch seemed fitting given the animal drawings of this year.  Time to return to it, but on a larger scale.  We'll see. 

All the best to everyone for a safe and creative 2014!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Another Day at the ROM

Spent another day at the ROM with my students. Got a few sketches in.  Even though they'll be cartoony for next book, it's good to get real studies of the animals I'll need.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Sketching again at the Royal Ontario Museum

I've been at the ROM a lot lately, but not a lot of completed works. It may not be much of an excuse but it's due to working with students while there.  But I managed a few studies.

Today while leaving I thought what a wonderful project it would be to go in for maybe a week and draw as much as possible without stopping. Wonder what that would bring since there simply is so much there that is truly fascinating. Maybe it's a summer project in the making.

I can imagine a complete summer just drawing, drawing, drawing and barely scratching the surface.