Thursday, September 18, 2014

A note to myself on what to remember

I recently found a  note that I wrote to myself following a book I illustrated in 1998.  It was pertinent then and still is now.

I need to glue this to the wall in front of my work area.  Especially find exclusive time.

August 1998


Find exclusive time

§  sketches
§  photos
§  pages
§  space
o   Establish characters
§  Location
§  Colour sketches

COMMUNICATE -  don’t hide – admit what you don’t know

Re-Learn your colours – what comes off easily /who can cover who
o   Skin tones
o   Colour in shadow and light (what colour is a shadow)
o   Colours under different moods and illumination
o   Colour harmonies
o   Paint anything and everything
o   Ask what is the nature of this thing
o   Paint  - mood
§  -texture
§  Personality


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Flora Asleep

My granddaughters  were up this weekend.  Flora at 3 months is just a feeder, sleeper and giggler.  A joy to draw.  Should have done many more. More to come.

Last Boat at Old Woman River

It's September and many have packed up and returned to civilization, leaving the beauty of the Bruce Peninsula behind.  I took my sketch pad out on the the first day of what might as well be called the New Year and did this watercolour of the last boat on the shore of this tiny sandy beach.  Welcome to the real New Year!