Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bear Skeleton at Bone Rooms University of Guelph

I was at the Human Anatomy labs and the Bone Rooms/ OVC /University of Guelph with my Humber and Seneca students for the last two days.  After everyone left today I took an hour to do a study of this black bear skeleton for myself.  8B pencil on mat board. 18 x 24 inches approx.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Inuit portraits

I got a call last evening from Zacharaiasie Nappatok, an Inuit friend living in Akulivik in Nunavik, previously known as Norther Quebec.  Our friendshop goes back many years to a time when I was printmaking advisor to the Inuit artists of Povungnituk and regions around the Hudson's and Ungava Bay coasts.

Of the many drawings and paintings I did of that region I thought I would  post a few.

Inuit hunter from Inukjuak, Regrettably I forgot his name

Zacharaiasie Nappatok. Artist and freind Povungnituk

Kanayook, manager of the Printshop

Abraham Neahok, Artist Povugnituk

Luccasie Tookaluk.  Artist Povungnituk

Markusi Qualingo, Hunter Povungnituk

Moses Tuktuk, Povungnituk

Paulusi Novalinga, Hunter Extraordinaire Povugnituk

Thomassie Irqumiak, Artist and son of Juanisaluk Irqumiak

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Watching Tangled

This morning I took the opportunity to sketch my granddaughter as she watched Tangled. Having a 4 and half year old hold still is an impossibility so this opportunity was wonderful.  It was interrupted only by the cat moving into my lap and finally my own attention being diverted to the piece too.


The first sketch stared out as some warm up circles and lines and quickly became the sketch below.  I thought of removing them in Photoshop but if that is how a drawing develops, then so it should stay.

There were many more sketches that stayed as loose gestures as Viv moved restlessly as the show developed.  I need to be even quicker.