Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Vilppu Drawing

During one of Vilppu's demos I grabbed my pad and sketched him drawing. 

It was fascinating to watch his hands carve, almost caress the drawing out onto the page. His hands moved elegantly,  feeling the form with lines and tone emerging seemingly effortlessly, yet within his mind there must have been innumerable calculations going on both in measure and emotion.  Drawing, he said, is in the mind.  'No rules, just tools.'   The man knows his tools.. And the rules.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Drawing Workshop with Glenn Vilppu

day one combined study of 5 minute poses with Vilppu's notation in red below.

Today I had the great fortune to be a participant  in a weekend drawing workshop presented by Taafi, the Toronto Animation Arts Festival International featuring none other than the master Glenn Vilppu. As anyone in the animation industry knows, Glenn Vilppu is internationally recognized for his work with the industry for his workshops with studios and animators around the globe.

Thanks to Taafi and its sponsors such as Seneca College, we are able to have Glenn here for over a week. 

Day one has been an excellent experience and looking forward to more tomorrow.