Thursday, April 3, 2014

SlapJazz Danny

Met a most imposing regal gentle giant the other day. 

SlapJazz Danny was in Toronto from his home in San Diego to perform at the Percussion Festival at Harbourfront.  Regrettably  I missed his performance, but when we bumped into him outside he graciously agreed to sit for a few minutes to allow us to draw him. 

I'm surprised I got anything down;  he was fascinating to both watch and to listen to as he told us about the origins of his body percussion. Dating back to a slave rebellion on Sept 9 1793 in South Carolina, the slaves used their own bodies to communicate when drums were banned by slave owners. His on work builds on that history. 

I truly wish I had seen him in action, but the opportunity to even sketch him for a few minutes and to hear both his and the story behind his work is something I won't forget. The man could be a king in any story.

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