Monday, March 30, 2015

Studio Waste Paper Garbage Study.

Response 3 to the challenge: why not study the garbage? Interesting shapes and forms.

Foot studies and whale

I was doing some skeletal studies of the foot and lower leg and it struck me that the bones of  the foot were squid or octopus like in their form and rhythm.  So I stuck in a whale only to realize that it would be a sperm whale and not blue that would go after a squid.  Followed by the realization that neither one would go after an octopus, which the heel resembled more.

I'll stick to the bones.

Pets in my studio

Response to another challenge to post work.  Dated March 29 but done this morning instead of answering Monday morning emails.  6B on cheap paper.  time to bring out the better stuff on the shelves.