Monday, March 30, 2015

Studio Waste Paper Garbage Study.

Response 3 to the challenge: why not study the garbage? Interesting shapes and forms.

Foot studies and whale

I was doing some skeletal studies of the foot and lower leg and it struck me that the bones of  the foot were squid or octopus like in their form and rhythm.  So I stuck in a whale only to realize that it would be a sperm whale and not blue that would go after a squid.  Followed by the realization that neither one would go after an octopus, which the heel resembled more.

I'll stick to the bones.

Pets in my studio

Response to another challenge to post work.  Dated March 29 but done this morning instead of answering Monday morning emails.  6B on cheap paper.  time to bring out the better stuff on the shelves.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bear Skeleton at Bone Rooms University of Guelph

I was at the Human Anatomy labs and the Bone Rooms/ OVC /University of Guelph with my Humber and Seneca students for the last two days.  After everyone left today I took an hour to do a study of this black bear skeleton for myself.  8B pencil on mat board. 18 x 24 inches approx.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Inuit portraits

I got a call last evening from Zacharaiasie Nappatok, an Inuit friend living in Akulivik in Nunavik, previously known as Norther Quebec.  Our friendshop goes back many years to a time when I was printmaking advisor to the Inuit artists of Povungnituk and regions around the Hudson's and Ungava Bay coasts.

Of the many drawings and paintings I did of that region I thought I would  post a few.

Inuit hunter from Inukjuak, Regrettably I forgot his name

Zacharaiasie Nappatok. Artist and freind Povungnituk

Kanayook, manager of the Printshop

Abraham Neahok, Artist Povugnituk

Luccasie Tookaluk.  Artist Povungnituk

Markusi Qualingo, Hunter Povungnituk

Moses Tuktuk, Povungnituk

Paulusi Novalinga, Hunter Extraordinaire Povugnituk

Thomassie Irqumiak, Artist and son of Juanisaluk Irqumiak

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Watching Tangled

This morning I took the opportunity to sketch my granddaughter as she watched Tangled. Having a 4 and half year old hold still is an impossibility so this opportunity was wonderful.  It was interrupted only by the cat moving into my lap and finally my own attention being diverted to the piece too.


The first sketch stared out as some warm up circles and lines and quickly became the sketch below.  I thought of removing them in Photoshop but if that is how a drawing develops, then so it should stay.

There were many more sketches that stayed as loose gestures as Viv moved restlessly as the show developed.  I need to be even quicker.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

From Freeze to Breeze and back to 1996

I haven't been drawing for myself for a few days (no excuses) but feel bad I didn't post. I will return tonight or tomorrow.

In the meantime because of the freezing weather we're feeling this week (-31C in the wind) I dug out some sketches I did while on a trip to the islands of Antigua &  Monserrat in '96. 

Enjoy the warmth!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Day 3 No's 2 & 3 Pizza Guy and Speed River - Both Freezing

It's -11C outside, -21C if you factor in the brisk wind, so that would make  it a perfect day to go out and sketch - if you live in Inuvik.  But considering I once use to do exactly that when I worked in Povunituk, today wasn't so bad after all....until I got out there. 

For sketch 3 I decided to clip the sketch book to a piece of foam core, grab my pencil and go sketch the Speed River that flows through Guelph.  I've posed what I got done before my fingers went numb.  Strangely it wasn't my drawing hand but the hand holding the board. Freezing fingers or not, it was a great experience and makes me appreciate all the artist who brave the cold to capture that singular winter beauty.

On the way to the river I sketched this Pizza delivery man having a quick cold smoke before he headed off on a delivery.  It was only a moment but made me wonder why a smoke could be so important to freeze your butt off.  And then I went drawing.  Addictions are addictions. Nothing more can be said.

Day 3 #1 Bird Feeders Outside My Door

First sketch today are the bird feeders outside my door.  Perhaps should be really titled Ginko in snow since I'm fascinated by the patters of the tree.  But then there's the patterns in the snow. So it's just a lot of what I find outside my door today. nothing more.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Day 2 drawing#3 My (overlooked) Feet

Something often overlooked mainly because I look over them are my feet. When looking for the last thing to draw tonight I was a bit perplexed as to what to draw. So I sat down with Umberto Ecco's book on Beauty looking for a work of art to study.  I was taken by the fine modeling of flesh that David and Ingres managed in their works, only to look over the book and see my feet. So, why not.

Tonight it's not the prettiest feet or the finest modeling, but they are mine and as I said, too often overlooked.

Day 2 #2 Bronze Rabbit Sketches

We have a small bronze rabbit that I bought in Halifax years ago. He sits by a door mostly unnoticed. I decided to sketch him today and found he has rather an evil stare that I'd never noticed.  Not sure if I feel comfortable with him anymore. One never knows what happens in the dark.

However since he reminds me so much of the beautiful statue that sits in a park in St. John's NFL  dedicated to the young girl who lost her life in a boat tragedy, he gets to stick around.

apologies for the terrible colour.

Day 2 of Drawing Challenge Sketch #1 Cat Asleep

 This will probably be my quickest entry.  I barely got started and the phone rang. Stupidly I went to answer and when I got back moments later the cat had shifted.  So this one will stay as the quick doodle of sleeping cat (in my chair of course).

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Challenge Day 1 #3 of 3 Pippa Asleep

Last drawing of the day. Almost didn't but found our dog happily snoozing on my side of the bed.  'Had to be the final sketch of the day.  Ah, a dog's life!  Make good subjects too. 

The picture, I should add, is somewhat unfinished. Just as I stopped the cat hopped up on the bed and curled up nose to nose with the dog. I guess I could have added him too, but that can wait for another day. I'm sure it will be repeated.

Day 1 sketch #2 Variation on a sheep's skull - Alien Bug

I purposely drew this skull vertically.  When I moved it around in my hands I was struck how much it looked like an alien bug.  Perhaps for my last drawing of the day I'll explore this. 

Two done, (at least) one to go.

Drawing Challenge #1 of 3 / 5 days

Clive Powsey invited me into the 3 drawings per day over 5 days challenge.

This is my first.  Early morning wobbly finger sketch of my back entrance from the top of the stairs.  It also responds to my desire to draw the view through the windows of my house.  Not great but a start.

Die Gedanken Sind Frei

'Die Gedanken Sind Frei'

It's the 7th day of January 2015 and news out of Paris is that the offices of a satirical magazine were attacked by gunmen with the result of 12 dead and many injured.  Many of the dead were artists, or cartoonists as some would know them (unfortunately this always carries a connotation of being a lesser artist).  Whether or not I would agree with their work, they had the right to say it, to express their thoughts.  Sadly there are many who would not agree and use violence to make their point.

This image was done many years ago when I was doing lithographs.  Drawn onto stone and pulled in a small edition it was a self portrait of sorts entitled the thoughts are free: 'Die Gedanken Sind Frei."  A protest song with roots in the middle ages that I learned as a child from my mother.

Sadly I question how long, given the advances in technology and the radicalization of the world, that that will remain true.

One can only hope.

more on the song:

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Cat in (my) chair. New Year's Day 2015

I've long given over the fight for my studio chair. So much so that he now enjoys a nice comfortable blanket.  That's not to stop him from sitting on drawings or paintings.  Many have been discarded with his signature muddy footprint.  But such is the cost of the comfort of a cat.

New Year's Day Celery

My previous post on the Amaryllis mentioned that I was disastisfied with the the stems - that to me looked like celery stalks.  That led me to study celery stalks.  There is, I found, a beautiful gestural poetry to the poor lowly celery.  The stalks aren't much to speak for, but the foliage is worthy of note.

Regardless, it was fun way to spend a few minutes with the pencil.

2015 Window Nr. 1

It's not exactly looking out a window, but this little fellow is a regular every Christmas on the window sill in a small window just off the kitchen.  So he got the first attention of the year.  Always makes me happy to see him (her?).  Kitsch but cute.   Happy New Creative Year everyone!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last day sketches 2014

I thought I would spend part of the day sketching the tree and some of the decorations around the house. I was interrupted doing the tree which I will return to.  The ribbon and cedar rope over the door was fun. It reminded me of the filigree on the decorations in palaces and castles, albeit just a bit on the simpler end of things.  It's nice just to explore your own world and make notes before they are forgotten. 

Next project will be out each window.