Friday, June 12, 2015

Rudy and a Tiny Dancing Mouse

It's sometimes surprising what you find when you're cleaning up piles of old drawings.  I found these two from long ago but clearly remembered moments. 

Rudy was the Dachshund belonging to the family of a friend of ours.  Rudy had a unique 'what do I care what you want?' atitude which suited everyone just fine.  Except when they asked me to do his portrait he was a bit hard to pin down to a pose. Being that I liked to draw from life, I tried sketching him but he would give me the cold shoulder and move on.  That was until his owner revealed a family secret that Rudy had a liking for scotch.  It was hardly a half a teaspoon but it was enough to have him settle in for  sketching session, but as you can see, he remained skeptical.


The little dancing mouse wasn't really dancing but sure could hop.  We caught a small family of mice while staying at a friends cottage.  Before we let them go in the woods outside I got a few sketches of them trying to hop out of the container they were in.  This one definitely was a dancer.

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