Thursday, September 18, 2014

A note to myself on what to remember

I recently found a  note that I wrote to myself following a book I illustrated in 1998.  It was pertinent then and still is now.

I need to glue this to the wall in front of my work area.  Especially find exclusive time.

August 1998


Find exclusive time

§  sketches
§  photos
§  pages
§  space
o   Establish characters
§  Location
§  Colour sketches

COMMUNICATE -  don’t hide – admit what you don’t know

Re-Learn your colours – what comes off easily /who can cover who
o   Skin tones
o   Colour in shadow and light (what colour is a shadow)
o   Colours under different moods and illumination
o   Colour harmonies
o   Paint anything and everything
o   Ask what is the nature of this thing
o   Paint  - mood
§  -texture
§  Personality


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