Saturday, September 20, 2008

Drawing workout

This week I had Ed Cz into the studio for some drawing that was a bit overdue. Over the next 5 hours Ed offered excellent poses and for me, over 150 studies and drawings later, a terrific feeling of exhilaration that one gets after a great work out.

For the first 3 hrs we had rapid pose after rapid pose, none more than over a minute. The floor was strewn with ripped off newsprint and dust and broken pieces of conte. I went through 4 pads before we broke for a bite.

The drawings started with studies of force dynamics. My only goal was to capture the force of life vs. gravity as well as the displacement of air as he pushed his body out from the central axis.

Next stage were linear studies done quickly with charcoal pencil. The evening ended with more sustained studies of form as well as stronger conte studies of the light over the form.

The last works above starting from the bottom are a continuation of the study of the back done earlier (posted below).

With the anatomy classes starting next week, and no afternoon class before, I intend to make the most of Ed's modeling every week now that I have him booked solid for the fall.

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