Monday, November 24, 2008

Mooos and Mooses

Been busy drawing since the last post. The Royal Winter Fair is always a treat, especially if you wait until the evening when the kids are gone, and it seems to settle into more of a farm feeling that showy exhibition feeling of hype. When things got quiet I found a nice bale of hay to sit on and did some sketches of the cows. They are a joy to do, given their bulk, bone and generally odd shape. But their eyes are always so kind, and they have a way of just existing in time, that drawing them is very calming.

The moose was done at the ROM on a half price (thank you Sun Life Financial) Friday. I need the moose for a book I am working on and this stuffed one is perfect, except for one thing: the screaming kids while I was drawing. Honestly, can't parents control their kids? I came close to going crazy with the noise. Not all the kids were like that, but it just takes a few. I did however meet one very talented little girl who borrowed paper and did a great sketch of the tiger near by. Given the right opportunities, she is going to be one great talent in the years to come. Always nice to meet kids like her and realize that the talent pool will never ever dry up. It only gets better.

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illustrationist said...

Beautiful work. But let it be a lesson to you. Always pack chloroform. Or a dart gun.