Wednesday, July 28, 2010

First drawing of my new granddaughter

This evening was my first chance to draw my new granddaughter. A wonderful experience.


Dalibor Dejanovic said...

Wern, congratulations, you must be very happy and proud.

Very nice drawing too, think of it how exciting it will be that one day when she is all grown up she will see this very same drawing!

werner zimmermann said...

Thanks Dalibor, I am both of the above. She's away visiting the other grandparents but when she's back there will be a lot more drawing. Her hands and face are absolutely fascinating.

denise kalda said...

Congratulations on being a grandparent. Isn't it wonderful? We have 3 now and couldn't be happier! Enjoy! I look forward to seeing the drawings you do as she grows.

Denise Kalda