Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Anatomy Course Moved to Guelph Studio

We didn't hit the magic number needed to run it at Seneca, but the course lives on out of my studio in Guelph.

Course outline remains the same: same great model Ed, same visit to University of Guelph Anatomy Labs Tuesday and a beautiful place to run it in - Guelph!

Contact me to enroll and for any details: werner@wernerzimmermann.ca

See you in Guelph!



Nice work!


martka.do said...

...beautiful lines! I hope I'll reach this level of drawing one day.

awilkerson said...

Very nice drawings, werner,
Take care,

Aaron Wilkerson

werner zimmermann said...

Many thanks for the comments. Much appreciated.


Eduardo Alvarado said...

Werner, I like very much your works!

Please, take a look to my blog of drawings, I am sure that you will like it...


Tyler said...

Tou have beautiful work.