Friday, January 9, 2015

Day 3 No's 2 & 3 Pizza Guy and Speed River - Both Freezing

It's -11C outside, -21C if you factor in the brisk wind, so that would make  it a perfect day to go out and sketch - if you live in Inuvik.  But considering I once use to do exactly that when I worked in Povunituk, today wasn't so bad after all....until I got out there. 

For sketch 3 I decided to clip the sketch book to a piece of foam core, grab my pencil and go sketch the Speed River that flows through Guelph.  I've posed what I got done before my fingers went numb.  Strangely it wasn't my drawing hand but the hand holding the board. Freezing fingers or not, it was a great experience and makes me appreciate all the artist who brave the cold to capture that singular winter beauty.

On the way to the river I sketched this Pizza delivery man having a quick cold smoke before he headed off on a delivery.  It was only a moment but made me wonder why a smoke could be so important to freeze your butt off.  And then I went drawing.  Addictions are addictions. Nothing more can be said.

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