Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bone Room Study

Past students of mine will remember the trips to the Bone Room(s) at the University of Guelph. It's probably no more than a few kilometers from my house and yet I just don't access it enough given the wealth of knowledge those bones can provide. The picture above is a small study of the hind legs of a young lion. I am forever amazed at the similarity most creatures have to each other; us included. I can wait to take my current class there this May or June. Possibly I may offer a summer course of drawing there if I can work out details.


Julian R. said...

Very Cool stuff werner.
Really like the bone drawings and the longer studies.
I Didn't know u had a blog. Its prety sweet.!
keep posting new stuff and keep drawing!!

Francis Vallejo said...

these are some pretty awesome drawings, you even had good design sense at 5! haha

PolinaR said...

The summer course is a great idea.

Good to see your drawings!

Hrishikesh said...

thatis great :) do u or r u going to visit India (mumbai) ?