Monday, April 14, 2008

We all gotta start somewhere

Hell, why not? This is my leopard from grade 5. I lived for drawing and it got me trouble at school all the time.

Thinking of the zoo lately and reminded me of the visits of Qadesh to life drawing classes at Sheridan and Seneca. For those who didn't know her, Qadesh was a magnificent Siberian tiger who would come once a year for a day of drawing. I have to admit that inside I always was a bit afraid of bloody mayhem breaking out, but in retrospect I think driving the 401 is more dangerous.

Sadly Qadesh died a few years ago and I doubt there will be another like her. The relationship between her and her keeper Bill Fraser was truly unique . I think everyone who experienced those classes would agree.


Leisl said...

I loved the classes with Qadesh! It made life drawing so exciting (and a little scary)! It really was one of those things I'm grateful to have experienced.

Blair Kitchen said...

Hi Werner! It's great to hear from you!
(And it's nice to see that you started a blog!)

Looking at your drawings makes me want to go out and life draw. These days it's hard to find the time, but that's not an excuse, because it will always be hard to find the time. I try to draw my kids when I can (when they aren't climbing on me).

I get inspired by your passion for drawing. Ever since we saw you at Jeff's wedding in Newfoundland, and you kept telling us to keep drawing our kids, I keep thinking of that, and pick up a pencil to draw them, even if it's hard. I really appreciate your enthusiasm and all of your teaching. Thanks.